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Torn between caring for his wife and following his dreams, a man is offered advice from his next door neighbor in the form of a housewarming gift.

Paul and Kate are a young, recently married couple that has just moved into a new home, but their happiness is overshadowed by an illness that has Kate bedridden. While taking care of her, Paul learns from his friend Keith their band's demo was picked up,leading to more recording and touring to follow their newfound fame.

While Paul's unsure of how to react due to Kate's condition, their new neighbor Arielle shows up to drop off a housewarming gift for the couple- an intricately crafted candle. Does a seemingly innocent gift from a stranger contain an answer to Paul and Kate's problem, or will it cause them more harm than good?

Written and Directed by Mike Madigan

2007 / Widescreen / Color / Unrated / 23:30

Sonja Ribicki
Eric Paul Porzadek
Sandra Rosko
Tom Potter
Bob Reynolds

Director of Photography Chuck Cirgenski

Executive Producer Matthew Peach

Produced by Mike Madigan and
Ellen Arden

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The Candle

Eric Paul Porzadek as “PAUL”

Eric Paul Porzadek stars as PAUL, a young married man who looks more at home in a t-shirt and jeans practicing with his guitar than behind a corporate desk. Paul is currently taking care of his sick wife Kate, and unpacking belongings in their new home. Paul receives news from his friend Keith regarding their band together, and wonders whether or not an unassuming housewarming gift might contain the answer that he needs to help his wife.

Eric Paul Porzadek infuses the complex role of PAUL with a brilliant characterization that is caring, vulnerable and decisive in turns. Eric has been involved in several recent independent film productions, including the lead role as the king of the club AARON in "Friday Night King" by TriOmega Productions, and in Rule 42 Productions' "Transcendence" as JERRETT, a cryptic, if not bipolar, angel of death. In the summer of 2007, he will be starring in the Detroit-based sci-fi series feature film "InZer0: Fragile Wings", as well as in the newest Five Clover Films short, "Cadence".

The Candle

Sonja Ribicki as “KATE”

Sonja Ribicki stars as KATE, Paul's spouse, confined to bed in the couple's new home due to her sickness. Kate hates being away from her day job and, unable to care for herself, has to rely on Paul to help her make it through each day. When she was feeling better, she wrote the lyrics to the songs on Paul and Keith's demo CD. When Kate learns from Keith and Paul good news about the band, it forces her to come to terms with facing her own condition, and what it means for her and Paul's future.

Sonja brings to life the complicated role of KATE through her extensive background in theatre and film productions. Stage credits include "All in the Timing", "Savage in Limbo", and "The Laramie Project", all at the Detroit Ensemble Theatre, as well as "April, Mae, and June", at Broadway on Stage. Film credits include the independent releases "Guns, Drugs, and Dirty Money", "O.B.E.", "Take Me Away", "Dope Enigma", "Transcendence", "The Sleepy Guy", and the hit sci-fi series "InZer0" as the lead character RAIMI. Sonja also has starring roles in Five Clover Films' short films "The Bobs", "Halloween 2006", "Immortality" and "Cadence".

The Candle

Sandra Rosko as “ARIELLE”

Sandra Rosko stars as ARIELLE, Paul's new next-door neighbor, an eccentric pseudo-goth girl who runs her own business making homemade candles. Arielle brings Paul a housewarming gift that she claims has the power to help Paul through his decision-making process. Through her interactions with Paul and eventually with Kate, Arielle's assistance could become important in helping the couple through their ordeal.

In addition to being an accomplished singer-songwriter and print, runway and promotional model for companies like Affinity & Productions Plus, Sandra has starred in several film productions, including "Friday Night King" from TriOmega Productions, "Ruthless", "The Big Summer Blockbuster", "Family Chaos", "Broken", "The Rose", and "True Extremes". Next up is her role in "The Eye of Zurock" from Night Fortress Pictures, and the upcoming reality TV show "Extreme Kidnapping".

The Candle

Tom Potter as “KEITH”

Tom Potter stars as Keith, Paul's best friend and lead singer for their band. Keith's a complete rock and roll fanatic who worships at the altar of crazy stage antics and living the dream. Keith has some exciting news for Paul regarding the demo CD they recorded together. How will Kate's role in helping their band finally hit it big affect Keith's future with Paul?

While KEITH is Tom's independent film debut, he's no stranger to performing. While in Detroit, he forged a successful musician career through his involvement in Bantam Rooster, The Dirtbombs, Seger Liberation Army (new CD Fall 2007) and Detroit City Council. Currently residing in Muskegon, Michigan, Tom recently formed a new band, CHROME SPIDERS, which had their debut show in March 2007 at the Hamtramack Blowout celebration.


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Film Screenings

2008 Santa Cruz Film Festival, CA

2007 Flint Film Festival, MI
5/19/2007 @ 2:15PM & 6:45PM

2007 Planet Ant Film Festival, MI
6/16/2007 @ 6:00PM

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