Caught tells the story of Claire, a young art gallery manager who sees her boyfriend Doug cheating on her with someone, but she wants more proof for herself.

She enlists the help of her intern, Nicole, to find out the truth. Events take a dramatic turn when Claire shares tells the plan to her best friend Michelle one Sunday afternoon.

How far is Claire willing to go once she learns the truth about her boyfriend’s behavior?

Written and Directed by Mike Madigan
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2006 / Widescreen / Color / Stereo / Unrated / 19 Minutes

Shelley Hamilton
Terra Even
Liz I.
Ben Dubash

Story By Martin Fetzer & Dave Gilbert

Executive Producer Dave Gilbert

Produced by Ellen Arden & Mike Madigan

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Shelley Hamilton as “CLAIRE”

Shelley Hamilton stars as Claire, a young art gallery manager who spots her boyfriend Doug cheating on her while she’s out one day shooting pictures in downtown Chicago for the gallery.

Claire shares this revelation with her best friend Michelle, then enlists Nicole, the art gallery intern, as part of a plan to find out Doug’s real intentions. How far is Claire willing to go once she learns the truth?

Shelley brings the role of Claire to life through her extensive background in comedy and theatre ensembles. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre with a concentration in performance from The College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. While there, she was a co-founder of a comedy troupe that had three successful years of performing for audiences at the Greer Garson Theatre Center. Shelley has recently relocated to New York City to further pursue comedy theatre and independent film.


Terra Even as “MICHELLE”

Terra Even stars as Michelle, an arrogant lawyer for a high powered law firm and Claire’s best friend, when she has time to fit her in her schedule. Michelle has never approved of Claire’s relationship with Doug, but she becomes intrigued when Claire describes a special arrangement she's made with Nicole.

From her time at Michigan State University in East Lansing studying theatre, Terra has carved out her acting career in Chicago in all aspects of film, television and theatre productions. Principal film roles include Stratego Theory, The Real Reason Monique Became a Vegetarian, and The Waiting Room, and television appearances on The Westies and Donnie Brasco. Terra is also an expert equestrian and can hold her own in about any sport.


Liz I. as “NICOLE”

Liz I. stars as Nicole, the art gallery intern who figures out that her boss Claire has a “boyfriend problem.” With Claire’s reluctant backing and a monetary incentive, Nicole works up a plan to get the evidence needed to prove Doug’s infidelity.

Liz has been involved in several independent film and theater productions during her time in Chicago. In Fall 2005, she was an ensemble member in SpringLoaded Theatre’s adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House. She is also a member of Cornwallis, an improvisation team that plays at the Conservatory and other Chicago locations. Liz has studied at Improv Olympic, and is currently in the Conservatory Program at Second City Chicago.


Ben Dubash as “DOUG”

Ben Dubash stars as Doug, Claire’s smooth-talking boyfriend, who tries to make time for her in between his band gigs and his Cubs baseball obsession. Doug knows that Claire has a crazy streak in her, but he doesn't realize how far she is willing to go once she finds out the truth of what’s he’s really been up to.

Ben’s wide-ranging experience in independent film and theater productions isevident in his intriguing performance as Doug. Most recently, he was “The Boxer” and “The Reaper” in the independent productions Last Dance and The Reaper. Ben’s training experience includes sessions at the Sarantos Acting Studio and The Meisner Technique. Ben also produces and directs his own films.

Film Screenings

2006 Bare Bones Film Festival, OK
4/21/2006 9:00PM

2006 Flint Film Festival, MI
4/28/2006 and 4/29/06 2:00PM

2006 Mitten Movie Project, MI
with InZer0 Episode 1 Premiere
5/2/2006 7:00PM

2006 Big Island Film Festival, HI
5/19/2006 11:30AM

2006 Planet Ant Film Festival, MI
6/15/2006 8:00PM

2006 Midwest Urban Film Festival
7/30/2006 4:30PM

2006 Ellensburg Film Festival, WA
10/07/2006 1:45PM

2006 BB Script-2-Screen Festival, OK
10/07/2006 9:40PM

2006 FAIF International Film Festival, CA
10/09/2006 4:45PM

2006 Night Gallery Film Festival, OR
10/14/2006 7:00PM

2006 Cackalacky Film Festival, NC
10/19/2006 6:00PM

2006 Berks County Film Festival, PA
11/11/2006 2:00PM

2007 Big Damn Film Festival, MO
4/15/2007 11:30AM

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