In a reality where human contact has become devalued, Andrea finds herself caught within a never-ending cycle of helping others reawaken long-forgotten feelings for each other. Yet the ritual has grown repetitive for her, as she questions whether or not it's too late to make an actual difference.

How will the members of Andrea's group respond to her growing disillusionment, which threatens to shatter the pace of their carefully orchestrated emotional resurgence?

Written and Directed by Mike Madigan
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2008 / Widescreen / Color / Unrated / 15:15

Sonja Ribicki
Yanni Kuznia
Mary Gibbs
Dave Durham
Eric Paul Porzadek
Stacey Arnold
Vincent Rasnick

Director of Photography Chuck Frank

Executive Producer Matthew Peach

Produced by Mike Madigan

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Film Screenings

2/2/2008 Muskegon Film Festival

4/25/2008 Bare Bones Film Festival

5/3/2008 Trenton Film Festival

5/17/2008 Big Island Film Festival

6/6/2008 Staten Island Film Festival

6/20/2008 Planet Ant Film Festival

6/27/2008 Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

10/18/2008 Flint Film Festival

11/6/2008 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival

11/7/2008 Moving Image Film Festival

5/21/2009 Delray Beach Film Festival

6/2/2009 Mitten Movie Festival

9/6/2009 Ferndale Film Festival

9/12/2009 Trinity Film Coalition Film Festival

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