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4 Pictures


Kaitlin, living and documenting a simple day to day routine via a mall photo booth and mini phone camera, is perfectly content with what her life has become. An unexpected revelation about her boyfriend Aaron from their roommate Sara causes Kaitlin to re-examine the choices that have led her up to this point. With her best friend Stacey offering advice on what to do next, Kaitlin tries to face up to what she fears most - change in any form.

Written and Directed by Mike Madigan

2010 / Widescreen / Color / Unrated

Dawn Bartley as Kaitlin
Heather Kozlakowski as Stacey
Megan Laesch as Sarah
Phil Sholtes as Aaron

4 Pictures

Dawn Bartley as "KAITLIN"

KAITLIN concerns herself with a daily ritual of documenting her life, not so that she can go back and admire her clothes and looks, but to remember how she feels during this time- truly happy and content. She looks change directly in the eye, and goes in the complete opposite direction. Learning about the activities of her perfect boyfriend Aaron causes her to start looking again at everything from a totally new perspective.

Dawn Bartley commands an incredibly strong depth of acting experience, both on stage and in front of the camera. Her involvement in Detroit Theatre includes the roles MRS. LOVETT in "Sweeny Todd", AMANDA in "The Hot Mess Chronicles" and BECKY in "Happy Season to You, Acquaintance Name!" at venues such as Abreact Theater and Planet Ant Theatre. Dawn has also performed in "Boxfest Detroit", an annual festival of plays written by local playwrites.

Along with "4 Pictures", Dawn can be seen as the lead in Five Clover Films' "Danyelle", which won Best Cinematography at the 2009 Ferndale Film Festival, PATRICIA in "Overcome", nominated for Best Acting in Philidelphia's Project 21 Film Festival, and SALLY in "The Hook-Up". Dawn also portrayed SARAH in Tri-Omega Productions/Five Clover Films dark comedy "Nikki & Eli". Other film credits include the role of Raine Taurus in “Terra”, the sci-fi webseries.

4 Pictures

Heather Kozlakowski as "STACEY"

STACEY is Kaitlin’s best friend, operating her own clothing boutique with the assistance of her silent (literally) partner NICOLE. Stacey is Kaitlin’s rock of support and frequent advice-giver, whether Kaitlin wants to hear it or not. Stacey’s disapproval of Kaitlin’s world view could be the potential catalyst Kaitlin needs to move forward in her life, if she’s ready.

Having graduated from Specs Howard in 1996 with a concentration in Radio, Heather Kozlakowski worked in Saginaw, MI as full time on-air talent for WMJK/WMJA and WEEG. Heather soon began taking acting classes in the Fall of 1998, focusing on the Meisner Technique. Her studies led to Advanced Scene Study with Stephen Black of the Talent Group, Pittsburgh, PA. She performs Stand Up and Improv as part of the popular “Live Rude Girls” comedy troupe in Michigan. She continues her focus studying Meisner, along with stage performances with Redbud Productions of Ann Arbor.

Heather is also currently a Radio Instructor at the Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Michigan. When not busy working as an Actor, Voice Over Artist, Comedian and Instructor, Heather continues her education at Rochester College, pursuing a Bachelors of Mass Communications.

4 Pictures

Megan Laesch as "SARAH"

SARAH has been Kaitlin and Aaron’s roommate for almost three years. Mostly keeping to herself by playing her online games, Sarah decides one day that it’s finally time for Kaitlin to learn what’s been going on lately with her and Aaron. Sarah thinks nothing of the revelation that promises to forever change Kaitlin’s outlook on life.

Since her graduation with a BFA in the theatre program at University of Detroit Mercy, Megan Laesch has appeared in exciting independent film roles, as she's able to run around on screen toting heavy firearms and looking tough! Although you won't be seeing her do that in "4 Pictures", it's a more typical sight in the sci-fi Detroit series "InZer0” and "InZer0: Fragile Wings" as LENORE of the Wolves clan, as well as JINXX in "Terra", the sci-fi webseries. Megan is also a talented artist and practicing massage therapist.

And Mella Barnes as Nicole The Assistant

4 Pictures

Phil Sholtes as "AARON"

AARON is Kaitlin’s loyal boyfriend who owns the loft they live in. More than just a provider, he helps Kaitlin in reassuring her that the choices she’s made in her life are the right ones. When Kaitlin finds out about what Aaron and Sarah have been doing while she’s asleep, it causes her to question whether or not Aaron is actually the right choice for her.

Phil Sholtes has had a hand in several independent film productions from Five Clover Films, with many roles both on screen and the production side. He first showed interest and adeptness in independent productions when he joined the cast and crew of Detroit's indie sci-fi series “In-Zer0”. In addition to almost always dying while on-screen, he's known for being a passionate editor, as well as an experienced fight and stunt choreographer. Numerous film acting credits include "InZer0”, "The Sleepy Guy", "Dealbreaker", "First Day", and "The Hookup".

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2010 Sunscreen Film Festival - St. Petersburg, FL
Thursday April 15

2010 East Carolina Film Festival - Greenville, NC
Thursday April 29 @ 12:00-2:00PM

2010 River Bend Film Festival - South Bend, IN
Thursday April 29 @ 7:00-9:00PM

2010 Connecticut Film Festival - Danbury, CT
Saturday May 8 @ 12:30PM and Sunday May 9 3:15PM

2010 Big Island Film Festival - Kona, HI
Friday May 14 @ 1:00PM

2010 Tupelo Film Festival - Tupelo, MS
Saturday May 15 @ 9:00PM

2010 Staten Island Film Festival - Staten Island, NY
Saturday June 5 @ 7:00PM

2010 Washougal International Film Festival - WA
Thursday August 19th @ 10:00PM

2010 Landlocked Film Festival - Iowa City, IA
Friday August 27th @ 3:00PM
Saturday August 28th @ 2:45PM

2010 Central Florida Film Festival - Ocoee, FL
Friday September 3rd @ 8:00PM

2010 Trinity Film Coalition Film Festival - Detroit, MI
Saturday September 11th @ 4:20PM

2010 Clearwater Film Festival - Clearwater, FL
Friday October 1st @ 3:00PM

2010 Hell's Half Mile Film Festival - Bay City, MI
Friday October 1st @ 7:00PM

2010 Blue Water Film Festival - Port Huron, MI
Saturday October 9th @ 1:00PM

2010 Downbeach Film Festival, Atlantic City, NJ
Friday October 15th @ 7:00PM

4 Pictures
2010 Secret City Film Festival - Oak Ridge, TN
Sunday October 17th @ 1:00PM

2010 Made-In-Michigan Film Festival - Lapeer, MI
Saturday October 23rd @ 7:00PM

2010 East Lansing Film Festival - East Lansing, MI
Saturday October 23rd @ 3:30PM

2010 Ferndale Film Festival - Ferndale, MI
Thursday November 4th

2011 Mitten Movie Project - Royal Oak, MI
Tuesday February 8th

2011 Magnolia Independent Film Festival - Starkville, MS
Thursday February 17th

2011 Beloit International Film Festival - Beloit, WI
Friday February 18th

2011 Detroit Independent Film Festival - Detroit, MI
Saturday March 12th

2011 Fort Myers Film Festival - Fort Myers, FL
Friday March 25th 1:00PM

2011 Capital City Film Festival - Lansing, MI
Friday April 15th

2011 Myrtle Beach Film Festival - Myrtle Beach, SC
Thursday April 21st

2011 Detroit Windsor International Film Festival
Thursday June 23rd

2011 Route 66 International Film Festival - Springfield, IL
Sunday September 18th

2011 Flint Film Festival - Flint, MI
Friday October 14th

2011 Offshoot Film Festival - Fayetteville, AR
Thursday October 27th

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