Independent Digital Cinema
2004 to 2014 - detroit, Michigan
Our found footage short "48413" produced with Tri Omega Productions will be screening again July 2014 as part of a special trilogy screening, and the newly announced "48207" filmed at The House Of Wills will be released June 2014!

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48169 Poster

48169 (2013)

Detroit Video Discovery D-V-D presents the found footage horror short "48169" by Five Clover Films and Tri Omega Productions.

Screening at the 2014 Detroit Video Discovery with "48413", February 2014.

Resistant Poster

Resistant (2012)

The discovery of Jumpalol, a drug which erases targeted traumatic memories, has ushered in a utopian era of prosperity and peace. The solace of selective amnesia is threatened, however, when Paul confides in his lover that he has become resistant to the drug, and remembers the pain he sought to escape in the past.

4 Pictures Poster

 4 Pictures (2010)

A personal narrative comedy that focuses on Kaitlin, living and documenting a simple day to day routine.

Trying to avoid 'change' whenever possible, an unexpected revelation causes her to rethink her closest relationships.

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