Independent Digital Cinema
2004 to 2017 - detroit, Michigan

In Partnership with Tri Omega Productions, our latest dramatic short film "Lemon Eyes" (2017 - IMDB) has completed principal photography and post-production editing is well underway, stay tuned for preview stills from the fillm!

Our Films - Posters, Pictures & More!

Haunt Hunters (2013-2015)

In partnership with Tri Omega Productions, the found footage horror short film series "Haunt Hunters" has been screening at film festivals and paving the way for cutting-edge Made in Michigan cinema.  The Haunt Hunters series includes the short films 48169 (2013), 48413 (2014), 48207 (2014), and Stagecoach Stop (2015). 

Resistant Poster                    Resistant (2012)

The discovery of Jumpalol, a drug which erases targeted traumatic memories, has ushered in a utopian era of prosperity and peace. The solace of selective amnesia is threatened, however, when Paul confides in his lover that he has become resistant to the drug, and remembers the pain he sought to escape in the past.

4 Pictures Poster
4 Pictures (2010)

A personal narrative comedy that focuses on Kaitlin, living and documenting a simple day to day routine.

Trying to avoid 'change' whenever possible, an unexpected revelation causes her to rethink her closest relationships.

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